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After losing a full time job, I started driving a cab at night. I soon learned everything from heart-warming scenarios to bizarre behavior occurs in the back seat of cabs at night. This blog journals that experience-as I see it from the rearview mirror.
Join me as I transport Chicago residents and visitors up and down beautiful Lake Shore Drive. Be there as I go from the skyscraper canyon that is LaSalle St., a financial district where powerful and moneyed Chicagoans work, to lower Wacker Dr., the bowels of the city. Ride with me through the glamorous gold coast and magnificent mile, and accompany me as I pick up hipsters bar hopping in trendy Wicker Park. Roll through River North where the club scene has something for everyone, from velvet-roped glamour and attitude to mechanical bulls. Come along on a late-night ride through ‘Boystown,’ where drama pervades every pick-up and things are often not as they appear (sometimes, men look like women and women look like men – not that there’s anything wrong with that). Visit Wrigleyville where, after a few beers, everyone’s a hopeful Cubs’ fan. And cruise Rush St. where horse drawn carriages, Bentleys, Ferraris, and Rolls Royces are the norm.

“A picture says a thousand words,” therefore, I recently began adding my pics to this blog to illustrate more about driving cab and living in beautiful Chicago. For all my pics, follow me on Flickr & Instagram at  williamw60640. 

Please comment and feel free to share your own cab/Chicago stories. And thanks for the fare. Oops, I mean, thanks for stopping by. See you on the streets. And remember, if the light’s on, I’m available for hire.


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