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Chicago Cab as Melting Pot

You could say that cabs are urban equalizers in the sense that at some point in time absolutely anyone may hail a cab. I drive everyone from people making their daily commute to/from work, to those in need of a ride home after spending the evening in a bar/pub, to business or leisure travellors. In my relatively brief time driving cab, I’ve had fares including an Archbishop from South Africa, an NFL quarterback who played in the superbowl, a local ABC news anchor, a former IL attorney general/one time gubernatorial candidate, a successful pop music song writer, a well-known Chicago luxury auto dealer, and an FBI agent here for a NATO conference. Further, I meet local Chicagoans, and businesspeople and leisure travelers from throughout the world. This access to others is always an honor and something I take seriously, e.g., always keeping my passengers’ experience at the forefront. I seek to make the service I provide a professional and courteous exchange where passengers’ preferences are respected – everything from following a fare’s instructions regarding a preferred route, to maintaining a comfortable interior temperature, to keeping conversation at an acceptable level for the fare. For example, some passengers seek out friendly conversation from their driver, discussing everything from current events, to the weather, to local restaurants and points of interest. While others are more reserved and desire to keep social exchanges brief and utilitarian. Anyway, I see passengers I serve in the cab as a fairly representative slice of this society. Further, I believe that the customer is almost always right, and maintaining this outlook serves me well as I proceed through my day. Thanks for reading.

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