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The Secret Destination

One beautiful summer night I picked up a young, 20-something couple on Michigan Ave. in the south loop. They were well-dressed, looking ready for a pleasant evening out. As they sat down in the cab I said, “Hello. Where can I take you this evening?” The woman made eye contact, smiled, and said nothing in response. I repeated my question, and the woman reached in her purse and removed a small piece of paper. She quickly handed it to me, saying, “It’s a secret.” She then turned and smiled at her boyfriend. The small note had been folded several times. I unfolded it to reveal a Bucktown address on west Armitage avenue. I asked her if she wanted the fare to be a secret also, and she and her boyfriend laughed. As we drove to the address, her boyfriend repeatedly offered incorrect guesses as to the possible destination. It was then apparent that the woman wanted to surprise her boyfriend with the evening’s dinner destination. We pulled up to a newly renovated, entirely nondescript storefront address. The location was noticeably unmarked, except for the street number, and even the windows were carefully concealed by white paper. When her boyfriend got out, she told me she had purchased a special prix fixe meal at this restaurant, at $100 a plate, and the exact menu would be a secret to them until it was served.
Ahh, you gotta love it – the perfect combination of young love and haute cuisine.

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